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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Functions Of Trees

  • Prevents soil erosion by wind and water, the roots bind and stabilize the soil.
  • Influence climate, provide shelter and effect temperature and moisture content of the air.
  • Provide habitat for wildlife.
  • Tree form along with color and texture of leaves and bark contribute to the beauty of the landscape.
  • Provide screens in man made setting's.
  • Give shade and absorb noise.

Does The Urban Landscape Support The Above?

Trees can obstruct views of unsightly buildings as well as obstruct views of accepted landmarks within towns and cities.  Why shouldn't the tree be felled? Why should it be kept? are debates that will continue to rage forever more:-)

I'm in favor of the tree 95% of the time... health and safety need to come first.

In the urban environment a problem that occurs so often is that trees are dominant.  It's never a problem though until the tree is affecting someone.  Once this happens the tree is on a hit list, the functions of trees do not matter at this point.

Trees are part of life and so what they do needs to be accepted and the places they are planted need to be chosen to allow 100% of the trees form to develop both above and below the ground.  There are places therefore where trees cannot be within the urban environment.

The biological functions of trees needs to be separated from the functions humans want the trees to provide and that changes from new plantings to established trees and to locations, then the deciding factor other than health and safety is cost.

The functions of trees does not need to be understood greatly but it does have to be considered.  The right tree right place phrase is key to success.

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