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Friday, 22 March 2013

Scare Mongering

It's possible that some of you may think that a lot of scare mongering is going on, with regards to trees and paying someone to work on them, or risks associated with trees are not such a factor.

Quite simply the call is yours to make.  I firmly believe if you own trees they should be getting managed and not just left to grow naturally or wild (which is my preferred term).

Reductions, reducing, tipping back are all more or less the same thing.  Best practice reads that this type of work shouldn't really be carried out, a person that has a tree on top of a building will think differently about best practice.  There are situations when one of the above is the right thing to do.

Pollarding, see above.

Felling has to be carried out from time to time.  Thoughts on this are varied good and bad.

My preference is to work on a tree that is to be retained and not have to reduce it.  Carrying out a crown clean, maybe be remove a branch here and there to encourage good branch spacing.  If certain limbs need to be lifted or raised, not a problem.  Certain parts on a side may need attention due to a building, also not a problem.

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