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Tree Surgeon

The popular name given to someone who prunes trees.

How do you choose the right one for you?

Quite simply some tree surgeon are better than others.

Plane Tree - Platanus Species Kennington Park
Plane Tree - Platanus Species
Most importantly though, the size of the company is not what makes a tree surgeon good or better than another.

Tree Surgeon work is physically demanding and with all physically demanding activities some people have greater skills than others.

Does that mean you choose the young tree surgeon rather than the older been doing it for years tree surgeon?

Like any business agreement you should like the person doing the work for you, it's not a necessity but it makes it easier once the level of work has been agreed and commenced. You need to be able to talk to your tree surgeon, quite simply the way you as a tree owner see the tree will be different to how a tree surgeon see's the same tree.

A Tree Surgeon should 
  • Be able to identify the tree
  • Ask about the tree owners reasons
  • Explain the pros and cons
  • Recommend a course of action
  • CAUTION: Tree pruning can be dangerous consulting a Tree Care Specialist is always advisable.
A tree owner should
  • Be aware of Conservation Areas and Tree Preservation Orders
  • Explain what they'd like and why
  • Ask about any detrimental effects
  • Ask how any regrowth will grow back
  • Understand the difference of pruning, reductions, crown thinning and pollarding

"you should always get around 3 different quotes if the degree of difficulty for the job is high"
  • Most tree work on trees from 0m - 7m can be carried out by every tree surgeon

  • Trees that need to be climbed with a rope and harness and have sections that need to be removed by lowering, meaning there is potential for damage because of a building or other target in the drop zone of the tree need to be carried out by a tree surgeon that has the necessary skills and experience.

  • Contacting a professional tree surgeon is always the best option

  • safety is always the number one priority

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More Reasons To Hire A Professional Tree Surgeon

"Mostly easier and safer than carrying out tree work yourself."

"Requires No specialized equipment."

"Get even the biggest jobs completed in one day with the minimum of disruption."

The benefits of hiring a professional tree surgeon are numerous. You need to realize which will benefit you then make an informed decision on who to choose.

  • Cost To Hire a Tree Surgeon
  • Time For You To Do It
  • Is It Within Your Capabilities
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