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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Acer - Maple

Buds and young shoots Branches Leaves Roots and root collar Trunk
Betula - Birch Bark Of Mature Tree
Maple pics will be here soon

Maples - 150 species with leaves in opposite pairs that typically have five lobes, variations occur with leaves of three and seven lobes.

  • Bark: Dark grey, brown to black sometimes reddish when young maturing it becomes ridged or furrowed
  • Buds: Varies across species - Terminal, imbricate, glaucous
  • Fruit: Samara, wings
  • Flowers: mostly yellowish green corymbs
  • Leaves: Opposite, lobed
  • Habit: Rounded, spreading
  • Height:small to 30+metres
Things to look for: 

  • Bark - What is it like?
  • What shape is the crown?
  • Are leaves... Shape?Hairy or glaucous underneath? How many lobes?
  • Shoots - What color are they? 
  • Buds - What color are they?

Betula - Birch Leaves
Betula - Birch Leaves
Betula - Birch Bark Of Young Tree
Betula - Birch Bark Of Young Tree 

A fantastic species no matter the size and variety, great branch structure makes the Acer - Maple architecturally pleasing to the eye.

Various types of lobed leaves with numerous colours add interest where ever they are  .

Approximately one hundred and fifty species of Acer - Maple are in existence around the temperate regions of the world Canada, Europe, Asia, N Africa, United States.

Planting Acer - Maple can be quite difficult due to the sheer variety involved.  To break that down you need to forget about the qualities that make this species pleasing to the eye.  Its a simple case of requirements once the site requirements are understood, narrowing down the Acer - Maple you want will be made simpler.
  • Space requirements vertically and horizontally
  • Distance to property and underground utilities
  • Soil type and drainage
  • Amount of light or shade required for you and the tree
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Betula - Birch Bark
Betula - Birch Bark
Betula - Birch Leaves Underside
Betula - Birch Leaves Underside
Betula - Birch Leaves And New Growth
Betula - Birch Leaves And New Growth

  • Leaves
  • necrosis, complete shriveling of foliage, Deformation, Browning around edges, leaf spots, deformation, Insects on underside of leaves, small galls purse shaped reddish color, Defoliation, color change
  • click to see list of causal agents

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