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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Betula - Birch

Buds and young shoots Branches Leaves Roots and root collar Trunk
Betula - Birch Bark Of Mature Tree
Betula - Birch Bark Of Mature Tree

Birches - 60 species that hybridize freely, light airy crowns and bright bark that peels.  Male catkins are visible through winter months.  Slender shoots and sticky buds

  • Bark:Smooth white with black thin diamond shaped arrows getting wider and rugged with age
  • Buds: Curved, Pointed, Brownish black
  • Fruit: Cylindrical Catkins
  • Leaves: Alternate, Simple
  • Habit: Pendulous/Weeping 
  • Height: Varies 12 meters - 20 meters. Occasionally higher
Things to look for: 

  • Colour of bark? How rugged?
  • Are shoots Downy?
  • Are leaves... dark/glossy?Doubly or regularly toothed?Alternate? Simple?
  • Are catkins present?
  • Are leaf veins present? Are they parallel? How close?

Betula - Birch Leaves
Betula - Birch Leaves
Betula - Birch Bark Of Young Tree
Betula - Birch Bark Of Young Tree 

A lovely species that has a variety available which can be chosen for most spaces.  Striking bark that gives year round interest makes this species a great choice.

There are European Birch, American Birch and Asiatic Birch.  Subtle differences exist between each, such as texture, color, form, leaf color, shape of leaf and catkins.  All add to the variety of beauty a Betula - Birch brings.

Approximately sixty species of Birch are in existence around the temperate regions of the world the largest numbers are to be found in Asia and the United states, a pioneer species .

Planting Betula - Birch can be quite difficult due to the sheer variety involved.  To break that down you need to forget about the qualities that make this species pleasing to the eye.  Its a simple case of requirements once the site requirements are understood, narrowing down the Betula - Birch you want will be made simpler.
  • Space requirements vertically and horizontally
  • Distance to property and underground utilities
  • Soil type and drainage
  • Amount of light or shade required for you and the tree
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Betula - Birch Bark
Betula - Birch Bark
Betula - Birch Leaves Underside
Betula - Birch Leaves Underside
Betula - Birch Leaves And New Growth
Betula - Birch Leaves And New Growth

  • Leaves
  • necrosis, complete shriveling of foliage, Deformation, rolling of leaf blades, spots and felting, leaf blade holed or eaten, colonies of green insects on the leaves, leaf blade partially stripped and rolled forming a dry tube, mined leaves, color change
  • click to see list of causal agents

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